Welcome to Bar Bloom! From coffee to cocktail. Start your day with a fresh cup of coffee and a delicious breakfast dish from our hotel bar menu. Or go for a pastry from our local bakery. Of course you can also enjoy lunch, drinks and dinner here.

Bar Bloom gives a nod to its surroundings

Why the name Bloom? This is a nod to the beautiful green Midden-Delfland where nature is central, we bring nature conceptually back to our Hotel Bar. Everywhere in the bar you can just be surprised with a Bloom.

Do a dance in bar Bloom

We serve delicious wines by the glass and in the late hours you can have a dance in Bar Bloom and we will gladly make you a nice cocktail. Keep an eye on our calendar for special-evenings. On weekends we will regularly have live music or a DJ playing, so feel free to ask for a record.

The nicest bar in Delft

With a changeable tap, a beautiful wine list that says you to and a nice assortment of refreshing cocktails, you can have a great time here for an afternoon/evening. Are you more in need of a nice hot cup of coffee/tea or juice? This is also possible at hotel bar Bloom. What makes hotel bar Bloom the nicest bar in Delft? In addition to the seasonal menu, homely atmosphere and unique service, hotel bar Bloom provides a unique experience. It is the ultimate hot spot in Delft to spend an afternoon with your company and explore the area. Rent a bike, book an impromptu overnight stay and get inspired by the Midden Delfland. Come discover the hotel bar and let your heart bloom!