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VdV Dining for Lunch and Dinner

VdV Dining

Lunch & Dinner

Do you have a special occasion and would you like to celebrate it with a select group of people? Then our Private Dining is ideal for this. Here you can enjoy our service for lunch or dinner in complete privacy. It is also possible to use your own private screen on which you can play a presentation/images.

Can be reserved from 10 to a maximum of 18 people. Are you curious about the possibilities? Contact us!



The asparagus season has arrived again! This means that white gold is also present on our special menu.

Are you going for the classic Flamande with ham, a boiled egg and butter sauce? Or do you choose salmon with the asparagus? Delicious to start with our homemade asparagus soup and end with a delicious Lambada strawberry dessert.

We look forward to seeing you!