Experience the Keukenhof Castle

Are you looking for another activity besides admiring the beautiful tulip fields from the Tulip Festival? Then visit Castle de Keukenhof. This historic castle is located on a beautiful estate, amidst vast tulip fields. This estate, with its 240 acres of land, offers various activities for young and old. The Tulip Festival event takes its name from Keukenhof Castle, where a beautiful garden was created in the 15th century by the Countess Jacoba of Bavaria. Because she grew herbs and other ingredients for her cuisine there, it was called "the Keukenhof." In 1950, the garden was used for various flower exhibitions. Since then, its popularity has grown and the Keukenhof is known for the many flower bulbs that bloom there.

Activities Keukenhof Castle

The estate is open daily from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm. Keukenhof Castle is open on Wednesdays and Thursdays for guided tours of this historic castle. The tour costs 5 euros per person, is in Dutch and lasts about 90 minutes. The tour must be reserved in advance. In addition to taking a guided tour, it is also possible to walk along the beautiful tulip fields through the estate. The estate has 240 acres of land, so you can have a wonderful time. For example, follow the 6 km Boot Trail or the 1.5 km art trail. There is a very good chance you will come across one of the 15 national monuments during your walk. Need a break? Of course it is also possible to unwind at the Hofboerderij restaurant. Enjoy a delicious cup of coffee, fresh pastry or a tasty sandwich. For the kids there is also plenty to do on the estate of Keukenhof Castle, there is a petting zoo with cute farm animals and it is possible to follow an exciting treasure hunt.

Stay overnight near the Tulip Festival and Keukenhof Castle

Combine your visit to the Tulip Festival or Keukenhof Castle with a wonderful hotel stay. Van der Valk Hotel Delft-A4 is about a half-hour drive from the Keukenhof. In addition, this location offers the possibility of a day at the beach as well. So you can plan several outings in your weekend getaway. After your sporty day along the tulip fields, you can relax in our hotel and enjoy culinary delights in our restaurant VdV Dining. Will we see you soon?