Sights in Delft

The city of Delft is located in the middle of the province of South Holland. In 20 minutes from The Hague and Rotterdam you will find yourself in a lively city, full of medieval buildings and picturesque streets. The city is brimming with history, but the Technical University makes Delft a relatively young city. In the pleasant city centre of Delft there is always something to do and in the field of art, culture and science there is something to experience for everyone. View our overview of the best sights and be inspired! 

Museum Prinsenhof 

One of the most popular sights of Delft, Museum Prinsenhof, is located in the historic city centre. The collection mostly consists of artworks and people that Delft is known for, such as Delft Blue, prince Willem van Oranje and well-known artists like Johannes Vermeer. Take a guided tour of walk the Oranje route and learn everything about the masters of Delft and the murder of Willem van Oranje. In the walls of the museum, you can still find the bullet holes that remind of the murder on Willem van Oranje in 1584. 

Nieuwe Kerk 

The Nieuwe Kerk is located on the Markt in the centre of Delft. The church contains the crypt of the family Oranje-Nassau and many famous Delft people, including Piet Hein and Antoni van Leeuwenhoek, are buried in the church. The church can be visited daily, apart from Sundays. Visit the tomb of Willem van Oranje or climb the 365 steps in the church tower and enjoy a beautiful view! 

Oude Kerk 

The name says it all: the Oude Kerk is the oldest church in Delft, built in 1246. The Gothic building is characterized by the crooked tower. It is possible to combine a visit to the Oude Kerk with a visit to the Nieuwe Kerk. 

Royal Delft 

The Royal Delft pottery factory is within walking distance of TU Delft. High-quality Delft Blue is painted by hand in this 17th-century factory. There are guided tours, or you can try out the craft yourself during a workshop. 

City hall 

Opposite the Nieuwe Kerk is the Delft City Hall. The tower of the city hall was used as a prison and torture chamber in the Middle Ages. This Delft landmark can be visited on Open Monument Day or by appointment with a guide.