Delft Blue

When you think of Delft, you think of Delft Blue. The city is famous for this age-old craft, where pottery is decorated by hand with the most beautiful blue decoration. The Royal Delft pottery factory has been making high-quality Delft Blue since 1653 and Delft is still the place where you can see and experience how Delft Blue is made in an authentic way.  

History of Delft Blue 

In the 16th century, the Portuguese introduced Chinese porcelain to the Netherlands. The fine and ornate pottery was characterized by blue paintings and was immediately very popular. However, only the wealthy Dutch could afford Chinese porcelain. Delft majolica bakers therefore started making an alternative in the 17th century, what we now know as Delft Blue. The Delft alternative became extremely popular and at its peak there were no fewer than 33 pottery factories in the city.  

Delft Blue in Delft 

You can admire the craft of Delft Blue in various places in Delft. During your search for Delft Blue, a visit to the pottery factory Royal Delft should not be missed. This is the only remaining 17th century pottery factory that still produces Delft Blue. There is a museum, it is possible to paint Delft Blue yourself and the production process can be admired up close in the factory. Other pottery factories where Delft Blue is produced are De Candelaer and "De Blauwe Tulp". In the streets of Delft you can also find various sights that have to do with Delft Blue. Take the Ceramic Route, for example, which leads you in an hour along all kinds of ceramic highlights in Delft. Visit the Delft Blue Tulip Pyramid at Land Art Delft, which is completely hand-painted by the painters of Royal Delft.

Delft Blue for your home

Would you like to bring Delft Blue into your home after your visit to Delft? Which can! There are several places where showpieces or souvenirs can be bought. Royal Delft has its own webshop and sales points throughout the country. You can also buy beautiful pieces for your home at Heinen Delfts Blauw. Would you like to discover more places of interest in and around Delft? Check out our tips for a day trip to Delft, Rotterdam or The Hague!